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Gym safari. Destination: workout

It has been over 3 months since we opened Baan Unrak Gym, and it has gained immense popularity among children.

The older teenagers show a deep commitment to their workouts and strictly follow their weekly routine.

The girls have also become interested in the gym, so now we have a special "Girl Day", where they can exercise with the full energy without thinking of how they look :) Of course, they are welcome to join on any other day too.

The older children also teach the younger ones. They demonstrate modified routines with lighter weights, ensuring the younger ones perform exercises safely. Our volunteers oversee and ensure everyone exercises correctly.

This is a great experience for those at the crossroads of deciding their path after high school. It could inspire someone to pursue their passion for sports as a potential career, perhaps as a personal trainer, and offer a glimpse into the world of fitness and could influence their future choices.

The martial art area is loved by all ages.

In our small town sports facilities are quite limited. Yet the local teenagers are eager to build strength and stay fit.

Friends of our children have begun visiting Baan Unrak gym multiple times a week. Under the supervision of older children and volunteers, they engage in guided workouts.

We are glad to support the society and create a strong and trustful relationship between Baan Unrak and the community.

Traveling for inspiration

We have got almost everything, we could wish for: a bench, dumbbells, and the barbells that we made ourselves from cement. We know how to effectively target various muscle groups with this set of equipment.

Still, we are limited and there are many exercises we would like to learn.

To expand our knowledge, two of our most dedicated boys embarked on a trip to Kanchanaburi to experience a proper gym setting. This endeavor aims to learn new exercises and techniques beyond what our current setup can offer.

It was a two-day trip, that included visits to the two different gyms, a lot of tasty and protein-rich food, and good rest — a perfect recipe for strength building.

For sure, it was a great reward to the boys for being so dedicated to their goal.

We stayed in a floating house on the river Kwai with a stunning view, and even visited the famous Bridge over the River Kwai, soaking in its historic significance and captivating scenery.

It was fascinating to finally use the gym machines for the exercises, that we usually do with rubber resistance bands.

The boys gained hands-on knowledge in operating gym equipment, fostering confidence for future independent gym visits.

The environment itself was inspiring. Asking the big guys for advice, and exercising next to them is motivating. Simply being in that environment sparked a renewed sense of drive and determination.

It wouldn't be a complete gym experience without some time for posing.

We know, that exercising is only 30% of success, and the muscles are actually built in the kitchen. For sure, the boys have gained some extra weight after eating so well!

It was a great time, both educational and inspiring.

Now the boys are ready to share their newly gained knowledge and enthusiasm with the younger ones.


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